Smurf Racer (2001)Jobs: Produced by
Ronaldo V-Football (2000)Jobs: Distributed by
Die Maus (1999)Jobs: ©1999
Die Maus (1998)Jobs: ©1997
Alone in the Dark (1994)Jobs: Produced by
Kether (1993)Jobs: Production (Réalisation)
Jack in the Dark (1993)Jobs: Produced by
Go Simulator (1992)Jobs: Cover screenshots from P.C. Copyright
Wanted (1990)Jobs: Designed by
Wanted (1990)Jobs: Designed by
Full Metal Planet (1989)Jobs: Full Metal Planet is jointly produced by
Shufflepuck Cafe (1989)Jobs: Additional design contributions
Shufflepuck Cafe (1989)Jobs: Additional Design Contributions, Sound and Graphics by
Murder on the Atlantic (1986)Jobs: Portions licensed from