Neil Adamson


Fightbox (2004)Jobs: Artist
Soccer Kid (2003)Jobs: Artwork by | Game Design
Soccer Kid (2002)Jobs: Artwork | Game Design
Popstar Maker (2001)Jobs: Additional Artwork
F.A. Manager (1999)Jobs: Artists
LMA Manager (1999)Jobs: Special thanks to
Star Fighter (1996)Jobs: Artwork
Soccer Kid (1995)Jobs: Original Concept | Graphics / Artwork
Manchester United: The Double (1994)Jobs: Graphics | Game Design
Manchester United Premier League Champions (1994)Jobs: Quality Assurance | Anleitung | Game Design | Graphics
Soccer Kid (1994)Jobs: Game Design | Graphics
Soccer Kid (1994)Jobs: Animations Player Sprites | Design | Graphics | Animations Enemy Sprites
Battle Chess: Enhanced CD-ROM (1993)Jobs: Additional 3DO graphics
Arabian Nights (1993)Jobs: Krisalis Staff
Hill Street Blues (1992)Jobs: Additional Help | Artwork | Graphic Artists
World Trophy Soccer (1992)Jobs: Graphic Artist | 1st Game Tester | Game Design | Artists
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (1990)Jobs: 68000 Version | Z80 version | Graphics
Botics (1990)Jobs: Graphics
Ninja Massacre (1989)Jobs: Graphics
BMX Freestyle (1989)Jobs: Graphics
BMX Freestyle (1989)Jobs: Graphics
Fast Food (1989)Jobs: Graphics
Ninja Massacre (1989)Jobs: Graphics by
BMX Freestyle (1989)Jobs: Graphics by
Fast Food (1989)Jobs: Graphics