Robert Vieira


Blade Force (1995)Jobs: For additional ideas and help
Killing Time (1995)Jobs: Musik | Sound FX | Assistant Producer | Video Scoring
Zhadnost: The People's Party (1995)Jobs: Additional Sound Design
Club 3DO: Station Invasion (1994)Jobs: Music & Sound Effects
Escape from Monster Manor (1993)Jobs: VO Scripts | Musik | Sound Effects
Batman Returns (1992)Jobs: Sound By | Music by
Checkered Flag (1991)Jobs: Music by
Warbirds (1991)Jobs: Sound | Musik
Rampage (1990)Jobs: Music by
Gauntlet: The Third Encounter (1990)Jobs: Sounds by | Music by
Electrocop (1989)Jobs: Music and Sound
Blue Lightning (1989)Jobs: Musik | Sound
Chip's Challenge (1989)Jobs: Sound | Musik
Gremlins (1986)Jobs: Sound
Millipede (1984)Jobs: Audio by
Gremlins (1984)Jobs: Sound