Anthony Steven Byus


Space Invaders (2002)Jobs: Studio X Japan
Lost Kingdoms (2002)Jobs: Senior Associate Producer
Phantom Crash (2002)Jobs: Special Thanks
Circle of Blood (1996)Jobs: Product Analysts | Sampling | Assistant Producer
hyper 3-D Pinball (1996)Jobs: Product Analysts
Manic Karts (1996)Jobs: Thanks To All At Virgin
Pinocchio (1996)Jobs: Lead Testers
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1995)Jobs: Quality Assurance (UK)
World Masters Golf (1995)Jobs: Quality control
Disney's The Jungle Book (1995)Jobs: Quality Assurance
Cannon Fodder (1995)Jobs: Quality Assurance
Pinocchio (1995)Jobs: Lead Testers
Screamer (1995)Jobs: Test Staff
Cool Spot (1994)Jobs: Playtesting
Overlord (1994)Jobs: Playtesting
Super Dany (1994)Jobs: Quality Assurance
Cannon Fodder (1994)Jobs: Manual conversion | Quality control
Dino Dini's Soccer (1994)Jobs: Quality Assurance
Cannon Fodder 2 (1994)Jobs: Undocumented Feature Control
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1994)Jobs: Assistant Testers
Dino Dini's Soccer (1994)Jobs: Playtesters
Sensible Golf (1994)Jobs: Quality Assurance
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993)Jobs: Quality Assurance (UK)