Matthew Spall


Creature Shock (1996)Jobs: Produzent
Pinocchio (1995)Jobs: Produzent
Ka-50 Hokum (1995)Jobs: Produzent | Quality control
Iron Assault (1995)Jobs: Produzent | Producer (Producteur)
Command & Conquer (1995)Jobs: Special thanks to | European Product Co-ordinator
IndyCar Circuits (1994)Jobs: UK Production
The Jungle Book (1994)Jobs: Product Producer
Disney's The Jungle Book (1994)Jobs: Virgin UK Producer
Dune: The Battle for Arrakis (1994)Jobs: Product Coordinators
The Jungle Book (1994)Jobs: Product Producer | Game Gear Design by
Fables & Fiends: Hand of Fate (1993)Jobs: European Product Coordination
IndyCar Racing (1993)Jobs: Production U.K. by Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.
Double Dragon (1993)Jobs: Special Thanks
Mega lo Mania (1992)Jobs: U.K. Producer
Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (1991)Jobs: Supplier of Disks and Clicker of Knee Caps