Larry Fukuoka


Battle Engine Aquila (2003)Jobs: Creative Services
Battle Engine Aquila (2003)Jobs: Creative Services
Stuntman (2002)Jobs: Creative Services
Clay Fighter: Sculptor's Cut (1998)Jobs: Manual Design and layout
Jimmy Johnson's VR Football '98 (1997)Jobs: Manual Layout/Design
Redneck Rampage (1997)Jobs: Manual Illustrations/Photos
Descent to Undermountain (1997)Jobs: Graphic Designers
Blackthorne (1994)Jobs: CD Sampler credits | Manual Layout
Voyeur (1994)Jobs: CD Insert Layout
Star Reach (1994)Jobs: Additional Art
Alone in the Dark (1994)Jobs: Game Manual
Out of This World (1994)Jobs: Manual Design
Blackthorne (1994)Jobs: Manual Layout
Clay Fighter (1994)Jobs: Computer Graphics
Claymates (1993)Jobs: Layout / Design / Computer Graphics
Clay Fighter (1993)Jobs: Computer Graphics