Guy Miller


Black (2006)Jobs: Story | Screenplay
Shadow Man: 2econd Coming (2002)Jobs: Storyline | Voice Talent | Additional Voices
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)Jobs: Voice Direction | Design & Scripting | Production Team
Shadow Man (1999)Jobs: Creative Director
Shadow Man (1999)Jobs: Creative Director | Voice Artists | Motion Capture Actors | Story | Level Design | Game Design
Shadow Man (1999)Jobs: Voice Artists | Story | Level Design | Motion Capture Actors | Creative Director | Game Design
Forsaken 64 (1998)Jobs: Creative Director
Shellshock (1996)Jobs: Anleitung | Scenario by | Game Design | Mission Design | The Man
Batman Forever (1996)Jobs: Creative Director
College Slam (1996)Jobs: Creative Director
College Slam (1996)Jobs: Creative Director
College Slam (1996)Jobs: Creative Director
BC Racers (1995)Jobs: Creative Manager | Game Design | Storyboard
BC Racers (1995)Jobs: Carving the Words on Tablets of Stone (Core) | Inventing the Wheel (Core)
The Big Red Adventure (1995)Jobs: Instruction Manual by | Creative Manager
BC Racers (1995)Jobs: Storyboard | Game Design | Creative Manager
Skeleton Krew (1995)Jobs: Concept | Story
Astérix and the Power of the Gods (1995)Jobs: Game Design | Creative Manager
Skeleton Krew (1995)Jobs: Story | Concept
Skeleton Krew (1995)Jobs: Written by | Game Storyboard & Dokumentation | Skeleton Krew Koncept | Kreative Manager | Game Design
The Scottish Open: Virtual Golf (1995)Jobs: Voiceovers | Game Design | Creative Manager
Battlecorps (1994)Jobs: Game Design by | Software Evaluation by | Story by | Lieutenant Calgary | Creative Manager
Banshee (1994)Jobs: Storyboard | Product Support
Soulstar (1994)Jobs: Creative Manager | Vocals | Story & Game Design
Dragonstone (1994)Jobs: Product Support
Banshee (1994)Jobs: Storyboard | Product Support
Dragonstone (1994)Jobs: Product Support
Battletoads (1991)Jobs: Design