Daniel Scott


Without Warning (2005)Jobs: Programming
Thunderstrike: Operation Phoenix (2001)Jobs: Additional Front-End Programming
Fighting Force 2 (1999)Jobs: Programming
Fighting Force 2 (1999)Jobs: Programmers
Ninja: Shadow of Darkness (1998)Jobs: Additional Programmers
Machine Head (1996)Jobs: Lead Programmers | Game Design
Machine Head (1996)Jobs: Game Design | Lead Programmer
BC Racers (1995)Jobs: Additional Code Carving (Core) | Inventing the Wheel (Core)
BC Racers (1995)Jobs: Programmed by | Game Design
BC Racers (1995)Jobs: Game Design | Programmed by
Premiere (1994)Jobs: Screenplay (Programmer)
Astérix and the Great Rescue (1994)Jobs: Presentation Coding
Dragonstone (1994)Jobs: Product Support
Wonder Dog (1993)Jobs: Amiga Coding
Blastar (1993)Jobs: Intro and End Sequence Coding
Heimdall (1992)Jobs: Additional Coding
Premiere (1992)Jobs: Screenplay (Programmer)
Wolfchild (1992)Jobs: Intro Programming
Chuck Rock (1992)Jobs: Special thanks to
Heimdall (1991)Jobs: Additional Coding