Pierre Maloka


NFL Blitz 20-02 (2002)Jobs: Software Support
Arctic Thunder (2000)Jobs: Diagnostics and O/S Group
Centipede (1999)Jobs: Programming | Vice President, Technology
TwinBlok (1996)Jobs: Special thanks to
Tronic (1996)Jobs: Special thanks to
H2O (1996)Jobs: Special thanks to
Drug Wars (1995)Jobs: Tourists | Drug Ring Members | Software Designer | Game Designers
Panic in the Park (1995)Jobs: Computer Programming
Crime Patrol (1994)Jobs: Programming | SWAT Team Level
Blown Away (1994)Jobs: Computer Programming | Game Design
Crime Patrol (1994)Jobs: Game Programmer | SWAT Team Level
Who Shot Johnny Rock? (1994)Jobs: Computer Programmer
Space Pirates (1994)Jobs: Software Designer | Games Designers
Who Shot Johnny Rock? (1994)Jobs: Police Officer #1 | Computer Programmer
Mad Dog McCree (1993)Jobs: Arcade Game Programmer
Spectre VR (1993)Jobs: Programming
Spectre (1992)Jobs: PC Software Development
Creature (1990)Jobs: Software | Computer Graphics
P.O.W. (1988)Jobs: Software Engineering
Capone (1988)Jobs: Software Engineering