Rob Fulop


Actionauts (2008)Jobs: Manual by | Created by | Programmed by | Label by | Box by
Ballz: The Director's Cut (1995)Jobs: Special thanks to
Dogz: Your Computer Pet (1995)Jobs: Inspiration | Conceptual Design
Night Trap (1994)Jobs: Interactive Design
Night Trap (1994)Jobs: Original concept by | Interactive Design
Night Trap (1994)Jobs: Original Concept | Interactive Designer
PaTaank (1994)Jobs: Executive Producers
Night Trap (1992)Jobs: Interactive Design | Original Concept
3rd Degree (1992)Jobs: Produzent | Concept by
Sewer Shark (1992)Jobs: Original Concept
Actionauts (1986)Jobs: Program design
Fathom (1983)Jobs: Programmer
Demon Attack (1982)Jobs: Designer
Demon Attack (1982)Jobs: Original Design
Cubicolor (1982)Jobs: Belarus
Cosmic Ark (1982)Jobs: Programmer
Missile Command (1981)Jobs: Programmer
Night Driver (1980)Jobs: Programmer
Space Invaders (1980)Jobs: Programmer